The PYRONES project

The proposed PYRONES system will address all these aspects through a comprehensive approach that relies on accurate and realistic computer simulations of the individual phenomena and their interactions. PYRONES sets out to deliver a product that will offer innovative tools and services to strategically targeted niches in two market domains. In the domain of building design and engineering, PYRONES aims to be seamlessly integrated within existing engineering workflows and serve as a building performance assessment platform, able to evaluate fire protection systems. On another front, PYRONES will penetrate the building security management market, serving as a holistic training platform for stakeholders in evacuation strategy planning, fire fighting, first response and building occupancy both at a Command & Control and at an individual trainee level.

The concept of the project proposed, is the development of a system that can realistically and accurately simulate the development of a structural fire incident, the volatile gas diffusion through the building’s spaces and the building occupants’ behaviour during an emergency evacuation of the building. Hence, the system proposed is composed out of three subsystems which, having an internal structure, aim to simulate a specific complex phenomenon involved in the incident:

  • A Fire Propagation and Gas Diffusion simulation model based on CFD algorithms simulating the development of the fire incident and the volatile gas diffusion through the building spaces.
  • A Crowd Behaviour simulation model implementing physical and social interactions simulating the emergent behaviour of the occupants during an emergency evacuation
  • An Injuries Assessment model, estimating sustained injuries at an individual occupant level and population injuries and casualties as a result of the fire disaster incident in development.